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Muni Riders Rate Service as "Good" or "Excellent"

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

People boarding on the 5R Fulton.

In our 2017 Annual Report Streets for All, we were pleased to share the results of the 2017 Muni Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The results of our 2017 Muni customer satisfaction survey indicate that our riders saw that hard work, matching last year’s all-time-high assessment of our performance. Customers again gave us a 70 percent positive satisfaction rating. Topping the customer list of most important attributes were on-time performance, the frequency of service and efficiency.

In 2016 we reached our highest numbers, following the large service increases under Muni Forward. This last year, we continued to implement these changes and updated our bus fleet with nearly 200 new vehicles.  Through investments like these, we continue to improve Muni service and reliability. And we’d like to think that’s why 2017’s satisfaction with Muni continues to be high.

Highlights of the 2017 Muni survey:

  • 70 percent of Muni riders rate its overall service as “good” or “excellent” steady with 2016’s highest-ever rating! 
  • 53 percent of riders take Muni to work.
  • 78 percent rate Muni’s accessibility for people with disabilities as “excellent” or “good” – the transit service’s highest rated attribute.
  • 71 percent rate transit operator helpfulness as Muni’s best attribute. They’re the friendly people wearing red-and-charcoal-gray now; Muni operators got new uniforms in 2017!

How We Gather Results

This is a survey that we conduct annually to track the level of satisfaction that Muni riders have with our service.  Using this tracker, we are able to see our progress over time and measure the impacts of changes that have been implemented to improve service.  After voter passage of Prop E Charter Amendment in 1999, Muni became a department of the SFMTA in July 2000, with full integration of DPT by 2002. Prop E (Section 4, D of Customer Service) requires “Annual passenger surveys and follow-up by management.”  Approval has trended upward each year since 2010. (Overall satisfaction was then 52%)