Muni Safe Driver Awards 2023

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Title: "Muni Safe Driver Awards - Class of 2023! Highlighting Safe Drivers Francisco A. (22 years), Sharon A. (24 years) and Rafael C. (33 years). Text below: "Congratulations to our incredible Muni Safe Driver Awardees! Earning this achievement is a hard-earned career milestone. Next time you ride don't forget to thank your operator!" Muni logo

Keep an eye out for one of our Safe Driver Award PSA’s on your next Muni ride & don’t forget to thank your operator! 

Driving through San Francisco’s winding and hilly terrain in any vehicle is tricky. Doing so in a 40-foot bus, cable car or streetcar is not as easy as our operators make it seem. Despite these challenges, every day our Muni operators connect San Franciscans to where they need to go safely.  

This Saturday marks the 50th Safe Driver Awards, where we celebrate our transit operators who have put safety first in their efforts to deliver you to your home, work and communities. This year 249 operators earned the distinction of being a Muni Safe Driver. Receiving a Safe Driver award is a hard-earned career milestone — to achieve it, operators must have driven at least 1,952 hours during the past fiscal year (July – June) without a preventable incident or collision. Quite a few operators have maintained their Safe Driver status for several decades. Now that’s a dedication we applaud! 

This Saturday, we’ll recognize the following operators for 35+ years of continued safe driving:  

  • Oliverio V. – 48 years (Cable Car) 

  • Lonnie M. – 45 years (Green Division) 

  • Jason L. – 38 years (Green Division) 

  • Eddie C. – 35 years (Cable Car) 

  • Andrew M. – 35 years (Cable Car) 

“I can’t thank our operators enough. They show up to work every day with a commitment to keeping our riders safe. Those recognized at the Safe Drivers Awards ceremony display extraordinarily safe driving track records,” said Jeffrey Tumlin, Director of Transportation. “All our operators have worked throughout the pandemic and in very difficult driving conditions or challenging environments with safety as their top priority. They are the heroes that positively represent our agency daily and deserve the utmost praise for their service!”  

The SFMTA and our city rely on our Muni operators to keep the city moving by providing daily service to hundreds of thousands of riders throughout the Muni network. We not only honor these incredible 249 operators, but all the employees who work hard to make safety the standard by which we operate. Next time you ride, don't forget to thank your operator!