New Bus Stop Signs Coming to a Route Near You

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Your favorite bus stop is getting a makeover.  Over the next few years, all of our 3600 stop locations are going to be upgraded with new signs.  This project is a joint effort between SFMTA and Clear Channel. The new signs have a sharp new look with the Rapid information listed in red and all others in blue.  The signs will also include accessibility information. 

New bus stop signs coming to a route near you.

To accompany the signs, new solar lighting, by Urban Solar, will be keeping you out of the dark and helping operators see people waiting to be picked up.  This new feature will make them safer for the patron and more efficient for the operator.  The SFMTA is always striving for better clarity, standardized information and better customer service.  The new signs are self-contained and require no outside power source.  Advancements in solar power and super-efficient LED bulbs will be lighting the way for all of our Muni routes going forward.  The lights only draw about four watts, with the solar panels producing five watts of power.

A diagram of the new solar powered bus stop signs.

The first round of new signs was started back in 2015 and have been installed on all the inbound 14 Mission Rapid stops.  In total, there are 22 of the new signs in operation.  The next round of upgrades is slated to begin in April of this year.  This will be done in a line by line manner and most likely the 8 Bayshore will be next.  Be sure to check out the new signs the next time you are on the 14 Mission and let us know what you think.