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New Customer Information System Signs Coming to a Transit Shelter Near You!

Monday, March 7, 2022

New customer information sign on a bus shelter as the 19 Polk approaches

As part of the Next Generation Customer Information System project, over 700 new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) signs will display real-time information at Muni transit shelters. Approximately one-third of these signs will be double-sided to provide additional visibility at the highest-ridership stops and major transfer points. This week we installed a single-sided prototype at Eddy and Larkin streets. Serving the Tenderloin, an Equity Neighborhood, this sign will feature real-time predictions for the 19 Polk and 31 Balboa routes. The primary purpose for installing this prototype is to conduct in-field hardware testing, especially with rain, wind and colder temperatures.   

We know there is an urgent need for more effective signage and are excited to roll out the new customer information system later this year.  The new LCD signs will eventually replace all existing NextBus Light Emitting Diode (LED) signs, many of which have been in service for two decades and have reached the end of their lives and are no longer manufactured. 

An extensive public outreach effort helped provide the new display signs' overall design and other Customer Information System elements.   

Key features of the new signs include: 

  • 24-inch LCD screens with vandal-resistant tempered glass 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant text-to-speech capability 

  • Larger and clearer text 

  • Letters and characters in multiple languages 

We will evaluate how the prototype signs withstands the real-world environment and determine if any adjustments are needed. Public feedback will be reviewed as we fine-tune how information will be displayed.  

The public is welcome to provide feedback on the look and feel of the sign at Eddy and Larkin streets. These signs will replace existing NextBus signs starting  in Spring 2022. Check out the new sign and let us know what you think. Please provide your feedback by emailing us at CIS@sfmta.com