UPDATE: The OB 29 has resumed its regular route through the area of Beverly and Holloway. https://t.co/h7vf1DxYJX (More: 10 in last 48 hours)

A New Way To Work

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Subway workers inside Forest Hill Station
*Photo was taken prior to mask requirements

During this global health emergency, we wanted to update the public on ​how COVID-19 has changed our maintenance practices and the new approaches that staff have developed to support social distancing, while also performing critical safety work. With bus substitutions running in place of our metro service, we ​do not have the intensive maintenance demands that we once had, but we do have important work to keep the system safe and service-ready for when the light rail system is restored. Our ​maintenance crews ​are focused on preventive maintenance and safety inspections on the system that will continue for the duration of the subway shut down.

What Are We Working On?

  • Overhead line inspections and hardware adjustments
  • Track switch operation, cleaning, lubrication and inspections
  • Track condition inspections
  • Signal system verifications, safety relay checks and battery replacements
  • Traction Substation inspections and electrical switchgear maintenance
  • Monitoring and operation of the automatic train control system

In these trying times, we are focusing on new ways to reduce health risks for our crews. The need for social distancing applies to us as well. Our crews are now broken down into much smaller groups. We are using additional street vehicles and subway high-rail vehicles to move crews and conduct maintenance. We have also set up mobile hand washing stations in the field in order to support employee health.  The duration of completion and difficulty may have increased with some of our work, but rest assured, we are up to the task. We have adapted to the new health recommendations and are fortunate to have additional maintenance time.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we get through this together.

Video: Overnight track maintenance work from January 2020