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Safety Roadeo Winners Stand Together to Make Streets Safer

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The entire agency came out last Saturday morning to focus on the skills that keep Muni's buses and the Go-4 vehicles used by parking control officers operating safely on our streets. Operators and parking control officers work hard to drive expertly and safely. With the traning division's support, they displayed these skills at the SFMTA's 31st Bus Roadeo.

A row a modern and vintage Muni buses sit in front of the Cow Palace
Vintage, modern and guest system buses line up as part of Saturday's celebration.

We are very excited to share some of the highlights of the event and extend our congratulations to the winners. The winner of the transit competition, Kevn Grady who is also the reigning international champ — is elligible to represent the SFMTA at the American Public Transportation Association International Roadeo. 

2016 Roadeo Winners:

Parking Control Officers

  1. Trevor Adams
  2. Jamal Baqleh
  3. Lawrence Manu

APTA  Local Roadeo Contest

  1. Kevin Grady
  2. Andrae Johnson
  3. Jose Macasacol

Non-APTA Operators and Mechanics

  1. Jasmine Stratham
  2. Tony Mak
  3. Michelle Bell


  1. Ce Qiang Fu
  2. Ken Anderson
  3. Joseph Choi

Muni staff stand with roadeo winner, Kevin Grady.
Kevin Grady stands with his Muni operations and safety colleagues after his win at Saturday's roadeo.

PCO division participants and judges stand with the winners.
Parking control officers who won the PCO division of the safety roadeo stand with their colleagues and the contest judges.

Go-4 being put through its paces in the PCO course at the roadeo.
PCO Go-4 driver is put through its paces around the cones of the roadeo obstacle course.

Muni bus navigating through orange safety cones for the bus safety roadeo.
A Muni bus winds its way through the orange safety course for the roadeo competition.

Spectators, SFMTA managers and other participants watch an operator take the course at the roadeo.
Participants and spectators (including SFMTA leadership) watch as an operator prepares to take to the roadeo course.