UPDATE: IB and OB 38/38R continue to reroute around Geary and 38th due to non-Muni collision. (More: 8 in last 48 hours)

September 24th: Bike to Work Day is now Bike to Wherever Day

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A picture of a woman walking her bicycle above text reading "Bike to Wherever"

Many things are different in 2020, including Bike to Work Day. With fewer people going into work, September 24 is now Bike to Wherever Day reminding people that bicycle trips aren’t just for commuting. Thanks to our new Shared Spaces program you can go to even more places.

Riding your bike helps the environment, reduces traffic congestion and is a green way to see San Francisco. As Muni is still only for essential trips, adopting alternate modes of transportation as biking helps.

To get involved with this event, on September 24th, share why bike to wherever is special to you and reward yourself with a free Bike to Wherever tote bag at one of many curbside pickup locations.

Here are the details:

  • Grab a FREE canvas tote bag via curbside pickup: pedal by the Bike to Wherever Day curbside pickup or stop by a participating bike shop to grab the classic #BTWD tote bag. 
  • Volunteer to flyer your neighborhood: help distribute bicycle safety tips to residents across San Francisco. 
  • Compete in the Bike to Wherever Days virtual challenge: throughout the month of September, as you bike to run errands, recreation, or for whatever, log the miles you ride. Compete individually or create a team among friends or coworkers for some friendly competition. Every time you pedal, you earn points and the chance to win cool prizes.

Are you new to bicycling or could you use a refresher on the rules of the road? The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is a great resource for new and seasoned bike riders of all ages, as they offer a variety of free educational workshops, including how to ride and navigate safely on San Francisco streets. We’re excited to continue our partnership with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and celebrate biking as a healthy, environmentally friendly way to get around.