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SF Sets Its Sights on Traffic Safety

Friday, February 20, 2015

Vision Zero is the simple idea that we should not accept the fact that people have to die every year just trying to get around town. After starting in Europe, this idea has grabbed the attention of city leaders, planners and advocates around the world.

Since San Francisco adopted Vision Zero as a citywide policy last year, we’ve been working with other city departments under the leadership of Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors and with other community members to create safer streets for SF. The goal is to get to zero traffic deaths in our town by the year 2024.

For a look at the Vision Zero two-year Action Strategy and to learn more about the city’s efforts, check out This site is an in-depth resource about the city’s efforts to move this policy forward. You’ll find many of the details and maps that are driving the strategy and the specific projects as well as ways you can get involved. The city will be updating the website with new data and activities as it implements this policy.

Aerial photo of Market Street intersection with text, "Zero Traffic Deaths in San Francisco by 2024"

Earlier this month the Vision Zero team, led by Mayor Lee, announced a new program that will help large truck companies and others who employ them keep our streets safe. While collisions between large trucks and folks walking and biking are infrequent, they are usually quite severe. In a five-year period, large vehicles represented only 4 percent of all collisions, but accounted for 17 percent of all bicycle and pedestrian deaths. The oversized vehicle training program will be designed for professional drivers to help them deal with the particular issues they face in our dense urban environment. We were grateful to add the California Trucking Association as a partner. They joined us at the press event posted below.

Vision Zero Press Conference, Feb. 10, 2015

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