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SFMTA Board Recap: Oct. 3, 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

San Francisco City Hall viewed from Van Ness Avenue, with cars and a Muni trolley bus on the street.

This is a basic recap of items voted on and discussed by the SFMTA Board of Directors at its most recent meeting. SFMTA board meetings are usually held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and agendas are posted on the board’s webpage under “meetings” 72 hours in advance.

This list only includes items featured on the “Regular Calendar” section of the board agenda. See the full agenda for presentation materials and the rest of the items, which include routine board business, general public comment and “Consent Calendar” items, which are scheduled for a single vote without discussion.

You can also watch a video of this meeting and past SFMTA board meetings on SFGovTV.

Item 11: Installing a Plaque in Castro Station to Honor Tom Nolan

Directing the Director to install a plaque in the Castro Street Station to commemorate and honor Tom Nolan’s significant and lasting contributions to public transportation in San Francisco and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The board approved a resolution directing the SFMTA install a plaque in the Castro Muni station to honor Tom Nolan, who served as the board's chairman from 2010 until 2017, and was first appointed as a member in 2006. Nolan also led other transportation boards in the Bay Area, including serving as the founding chairman of the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board.

Throughout his career, Nolan has led the charge for projects like the extension of BART into San Mateo County and to SF International Airport, the Central Subway project and the Muni Forward program to improve and expand Muni service. He also lead the board as it approved groundbreaking programs like Muni's all-door boarding policy and free Muni for low- and moderate-income youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

Due to term limits for members, Nolan left the SFMTA board earlier this year.

Item 12: Residential Parking Permit Reform

12. Amending Transportation Code Division II to (1) delete the defined term for “Institution” and add “Residential Area”; (2) limit the number of parking permits that may be issued to a single address to four and eliminate the request for waiver provision; (3) revise the procedure for designating a Residential Parking Permit Area; (4) change the period for the validity of Educational Institution parking permits from certain hours of the day to hours of enforcement and limit the number of parking permits that may be issued; (5) eliminate the petition process currently required for Childcare parking permits; (6) authorize the issuance of one transferable parking permit to a resident licensed to operate a family child care home for use by a child care provider working at the home; and (7) authorize the establishment of pilot Residential Parking Permit program areas by the SFMTA Board to limit the number of parking permits to two that may be issued to a single address (with no more than one parking permit issued per licensed driver), exempt a vehicle displaying a valid parking permit from payment at on-street Parking Meters located in the Residential Parking Permit Area where designated by the SFMTA with posted signs, and exempt Health Care Worker and Childcare parking permits from the limit of two permits that can be issued to a single address.

The board voted to postpone approval of the SFMTA’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Evaluation & Reform Project until a later meeting. The project is a package of updates to the RPP program to balance the competing needs for curb space and better engage the public in the city’s neighborhood parking management efforts.

Item 13: Creating a Private Transit Vehicle Permit Program

Amending Transportation Code, Division II, to create a private transit vehicle permit program, including application requirements, permit terms and conditions, fees, and administrative penalties.

The board voted to postpone approval of the Private Transit Vehicle Permit program until the next meeting to allow more time for communication between interested parties about this complicated piece of legislation.

Item 14: Transportation Code Amendments

Amending Transportation Code, Division II, Article 1100 to remove references to Non Standard Vehicles, to eliminate the requirement that vehicles have less than 100,000 miles, eliminate the model year limitation, and amend hearing procedures and make a correction in the numbering of Section 1116.

The board voted to postpone approval of this item to a later meeting, as these amendments would be approved as part of the Private Transit Vehicle Permit Program.

Item 15: Presentation on the Proposed "Piazza Saint Francis"

Presentation and discussion regarding the Piazza Saint Francis.

The board received an informational presentation on the "Piazza Saint Francis," a proposal from community members to create a plaza on a block of Vallejo Street, between Columbus and Grant avenues, in North Beach. Creating the plaza would require closing the block to vehicle traffic. The board heard numerous public commenters speak for and against the proposal, but no board action was requested or taken.