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SFMTA Testing New Parking Meters

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New parking meters on Post Street.

You may have seen them on Cortland in Bernal Heights, Post Street in the Tenderloin, Oak Street in Hayes Valley or the parking lot at Geary and 21st Avenue…large cylinders sitting on top of the old parking meter poles. 

The SFMTA is testing new meters as part of our efforts to stay up to date on the latest technology and make the process of paying for parking as smooth and convenient as possible for our customers.

We are testing 100 of these meters to see how drivers like them and how they stand up to real-world conditions in different parts of the city. The test meters feature a larger screen and also claim to have longer battery life, more efficient solar-power technology and better resistance to jamming and other types of vandalism. 

This test will help us evaluate new meter technologies as the SFMTA prepares for its next procurement of meters when the current meter contract expires in January 2021.

If you use one of those new meters, let us know what you think!  Email us at Kenya.Wheeler@sfmta.com  or tweet us @SFMTA_Muni

New parking meters on Post Street.