SFMTA Upgrades Predictions Software This Weekend!

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

SFMTA will switch over to a new, upgraded software system on Sunday, November 13,  as part of our Next Generation Customer Information System (CIS) project. The new software was developed to improve the way our different information systems communicate with each other and share data to and from multiple sources. This will provide customers more accurate, timely, reliable Muni service predictions. This is one more important step in the overhaul of our CIS that will enable us to provide better service to Muni customers.

SFMTA’s Next Generation CIS software has been in preliminary testing for months, and if all works well, Muni customers should not notice any change. But anyone who’s had to help loved ones with computer or smartphone troubles knows that software updates aren’t always smooth. Unanticipated challenges may arise. Customers should expect some glitches as we make the software switch and work out issues on the back end.

To reduce impacts to customers, we are gradually connecting new screens to the new software system. This should help isolate any issues to troubleshoot more effectively. Our Customer Information System staff and software contractors will be keeping a close eye on system performance and working quickly to resolve issues.

This upgrade to a new, more efficient software system is a crucial milestone toward providing many new features over the coming months, including:

  • Dynamic maps
  • Real-time service changes
  • Short-term route changes
  • Terminal departure predictions
  • Transfer connection predictions
  • Regional connections
  • Alternative routes
  • Accessibility information
  • Vehicle crowding predictions

Third Party Apps

SFMTA provides open-source transit data that third party transit apps use on their platforms. Each app has its own way of processing that information, which can vary and may lead to differences or inconsistencies in transit information. SFMTA is in touch with known third party apps to help them troubleshoot issues.

We appreciate Muni riders’ patience as we continue our Next Generation CIS upgrades to improve Muni service long-term.

Learn more about what’s next for our Next Generation upgrades and the many new features rolling out soon.