Taken with Transportation Podcast: How to Muni

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Thursday, February 22, 2024

People, a platform, a streetcar and buildings in the daytime.
Passengers board a classic streetcar on the F Market line.

Getting around on Muni might feel overwhelming if you aren’t used to it. So we’re giving you a practical guide for using the system in “How to Muni,” the latest episode of our podcast Taken with Transportation. Whether you've just moved to San Francisco, are planning to visit or simply haven't taken advantage of all Muni has to offer, this is the episode for you. 

“How to Muni” covers paying fares, safety and security and being a good passenger. “There’s a lot to be said for someone that just is polite to other people and so on and so forth, right?” Castro Street Station Agent Rigo Ortega tells Host Melissa Culross. “The Golden Rule applies. As long as everyone can just leave each other alone and get to and from in the safest way possible, we’re having a great day.” 

A man standing in front of a bus.
Operator Arnold Gray discusses riding “dos” and “don’ts” in “How to Muni,” the latest episode of Taken with Transportation.

38 Geary Operator Arnold Gray has some easy advice for making sure you’re on the right bus or line. “Don’t be afraid to ask an operator where they go. If they go to the place you’re wanting to go,” Gray says. “We tend to not know addresses, but if you can [tell us] the street you’re trying to be on and the nearest cross street, that’s very helpful.” 

SFMTA Senior Manager of Revenue Collection and Sales Diana Hammons, Operator Lynnette Richie and Deputy Chief Security Officer Teresa Scism also are featured in the episode. Plus, a couple of regular riders discuss their early days taking Muni. You can find “How to Muni” and all the episodes of Taken with Transportation on our podcast page (SFMTA.com/Podcast) and on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen.