Traffic and Transit Plan for Saturday Demonstrations

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Thursday, August 24, 2017


UPDATE 8/25/17 10 AM. The following reroutes are in place until further notice:

Line and Direction Reroute
5 Fulton Inbound (to Downtown) Reroute

Regular route to Fulton & Central, L-Central, Continue-Central, R-Golden Gate, R-Gough, L-McAllister to regular route

5 Fulton Outbound (to the Richmond) Reroute

Regular route to McAllister & Franklin, R-Franklin, L-Turk, L-Central, R-Fulton to regular route

21 Hayes Inbound (to Downtown) Reroute Regular route to Hayes & Baker, R-Baker, L-Oak, L-Webster, R-Hayes to regular route
21 Hayes Outbound (to Inner Richmond) Reroute

Regular route to Hayes & Webster, L-Webster, R-Fell, R-Baker, L-Hayes to regular route

22 Fillmore Inbound (to the Marina) Reroute Regular route to Church and Hermann, R-Hermann, L-Webster, L-Turk, R-Fillmore to regular route
22 Fillmore Outbound (to Potrero Hill) Reroute Regular route to Fillmore & Eddy, L-Eddy, R-Webster, R-Hermann, L-Church to regular route
24 Divisadero Inbound (to Pacific Heights) Reroute Regular route to Divisadero & Fell, L-Fell, R-Baker, R-Turk, L-Divisadero to regular route
24 Divisadero Outbound (to Bayview) Reroute

Regular route to Divisadero & Turk, R-Turk, L-Baker, L-Oak, 

R-Divisadero to regular route

UPDATE 8/26/2017 9:55 AM. The 28 19th Avenue is operating normal service to all stops, including the Bridge View lot.

UPDATE 8/25/2017 9:17 PM. Due to cancellation of events at Crissy Field, all service in the Marina will run on Saturday. The 76X will be in service. Buses will provide cable car and F Market service.​ We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day and notify customers via Twitter of potential service adjustments.

Follow us in real-time on Twitter @sfmta_muni.

Original post is below. Please note that recent updates replace the following.

Detailed map of the Presidio and surrounding neighborhoods showing the reroutes in those neighborhoods.
The red dots on this map highlight Muni reroutes starting at noon on Saturday.

On Saturday there will be multiple demonstrations, rallies and marches in San Francisco. The two primary gathering points are Crissy Field and Civic Center Plaza with multiple groups set to convene. Other rallies and marches are anticipated in various parts of the city. These events are expected to begin at noon on Saturday.


The city has a transportation plan in place to ensure the safety of people who will need to get around, including Muni customers and employees. Where possible, please use public transit, walk, ride a bike or hail a taxi. There will be increased congestion in the surrounding areas and parking will be limited.

We will be adding six two-car trains to increase capacity in the subway. 


For events in the Civic Center area: there are no plans for street closures, but parking will NOT be allowed on all streets around the Plaza or in the garage. During the course of the events, personnel from the SFMTA and the San Francisco Police Department will be on site to direct traffic. To ensure public safety, SFPD personnel may decide street closures around the event area are necessary.

We will be working closely with SFPD to ensure that people who need to drive can do so safely. In general, if you don’t need to be in the areas of these demonstrations, we are advising that you avoid these neighborhoods. For all trips around the city on Saturday, please plan ahead and allow extra travel time.


Additional details will be released as plans are finalized.


Muni Service Impact


For the safety and security of our customers and operators, there will be adjustments to Muni service:


  • There will be NO Muni service in the Presidio or Marina neighborhoods starting at noon.


  • There will be NO SERVICE for the 76X Marin Headlands route all day Saturday.


  • The 28 19th Avenue route WILL NOT SERVE the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza all day Saturday.


  • The following Muni lines will operate by Muni buses: California Cable Car, Powell-Mason Cable Car, Powell-Hyde Cable Car and F Market & Wharves.


  • The following Muni routes will be rerouted: 22 Fillmore, 28 19th Avenue, 30 Stockton, 43 Masonic and 45 Union/Stockton.


  • The following Muni routes may also be rerouted, depending on changing conditions: E Embarcadero, F Market & Wharves, 5 Fulton, 19 Polk and 21 Hayes.


  • Muni bus shuttles will be available after the Crissy Field events from Marina Boulevard to the Ferry Building.


We will have extra staff on hand to provide additional security, to facilitate needed adjustments throughout the transportation system and to provide the necessary service to keep people moving.

We will continuously monitor the situation to quickly restore service once nearby areas have been cleared.

Further details of Muni service can be found on the Saturday demonstrations alert page