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Video: It’s Not Sexy, But it’s Necessary: Park Smart with PARCS!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Park smart

We’re making improvements to our 22 city-owned garages safer for both you and your car. The goal is to provide clean, safe and convenient parking to visitors, employees and business customers in downtown and other commercial and residential districts. On Tuesday, our SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin joined Mayor Farrell, Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Supervisor Catherine Stefani, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott and other city leaders to unveil our work to make our garages and lots safer.

In May 2017, the SFMTA launched a new initiative called the Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS) to bring 21st-century technology to SFMTA-owned parking facilities to make them more convenient and secure for our customers. By using new technology, targeted campaigns and increased collaboration with the SFPD, we’re working to prevent break-ins before they happen.

The great news is we’re already seeing results. After installing 12 cameras, improved lighting, improved signage and fences to prevent illegal entry and exit, the Pierce St. garage saw a 55 percent decline in break-ins, in the six months following the upgrades. In addition to these new technologies, we have increased our coordination with the SFPD, using data and real-world experiences to deploy enforcement resources and beef up security measures in our garages. You’ll notice better lighting and new fencing measures that prevent loitering around the lot.

Six garages are complete, two are underway and 14 more scheduled, with the SFMTA investing $32.5 million into the upgrades.

New hardware and software coming to 22 garages by the end of 2020 include:

  • HD cameras to monitor the garages at every point of sale and all entry and exit points
  • Two-way intercom systems to improve real-time communication between our customers and garage managers
  • A Central Monitoring Station to supervise all cameras and intercom systems, as well as provide 24/7 assistance
  • Updated entry and exit stations
  • New payment kiosks to reduce fraud
  • License plate recognition to resolve issues with lost tickets

We’ve also launched a campaign in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and SFPD: “Park Smart”. This reminder aims to provide the first line of defense against car break-ins. We want customers to always take valuables with them before leaving their vehicles - - “If you love it, don’t leave it.”

Park Smart Event with City Leaders