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VIDEO: June 5th Director’s Report Highlights

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SFMTA Rail Workers

Every other Tuesday, Director Ed Reiskin addresses the SFMTA Board of Directors to provide updates on what our agency is working on to make San Francisco transportation options safe, reliable, and equitable.

The June 5th Director’s Report includes the following highlights, among many:

  • John Haley, Director of Transit, presents track and rail maintenance teams who assisted in the recent train derailment at the Castro Station.
  • How we’re educating people about the dangers of riding bikes on sidewalks as part of our Vision Zero strategy.
  • The SFMTA joined City Attorney Dennis Herrera and San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru to announce next steps in regulating shared, powered scooters in San Francisco.
  • Informed by the Muni Service Equity Strategy, a number of Muni lines are getting upgrades starting June 16.
  • After nearly eight years of construction, Muni will begin servicing the street-level Bus Plaza at Salesforce Transit Center starting June 16, the precursor to the center’s grand opening later this summer.
  • We have a new bus operations and maintenance facility that will begin operation June 16, the first new bus yard in 30 years.
  • New two-car LRVs will be operating on Muni Metro lines to address capacity concerns.
Board of Directors Meeting