Video: New 60’ Trolley Buses Arrive in San Francisco

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

We continue to grow our fleet and replace older buses that jeopardize on-time performance and reliability. As early as next week, you may find yourself aboard a brand new, 60-foot trolley with improved flooring design and a new seating configuration that will allow for smoother flow of the aisle space. This week, Bus #7261 hit the streets of San Francisco, cruised along the Embarcadero, and looped along Market St. as part of the burn-in process to make sure the bus is in-service ready.

Trolley buses are the backbone of San Francisco’s transportation system carrying 200,000 riders every day. They serve neighborhoods throughout the city with 14 routes including the 1 California, 14 Mission, 5 Fulton and 30 Stockton, which alone carries 32,000 riders daily. Not only do trolley buses offer a smoother, quieter ride but they contribute zero greenhouse gases.

All of Muni’s new buses – hybrid-electric and electric trolley – are manufactured by New Flyer, which has a strong track record in the U.S. of providing reliable buses with state-of-the-art technology that streamlines maintenance.

The second bus is anticipated to arrive by the middle of November. After that, we expect delivery of two to three coaches per week. 

Tour the new trolley in our video below, and let us know if you see #7261 out and about in our comments section: 

60-Foot Trolley Video Tour


New 60' Trolleys Arrive in San Francisco (tour)