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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The SFMTA is responsible for managing the city’s transportation system. Our colleagues in the agency work tirelessly to keep SF moving. We want to use this blog to start telling you more about what they do every day to make San Francisco’s transportation system work better.

Many fine sources of information about San Francisco transportation already exist in blog form: Muni Diaries, The N Judah Chronicles, Akit’s Complaint Department and Streetsblog, to name a few. So why do we need another one?

We want to start telling you our story. We want to bring you the insight and expertise of our colleagues. We also want to give you an inside peek into the SFMTA, with the hope of making the transportation system easier to understand and easier to use.

A full 25 percent of our city’s public space resides in our sidewalks and streets. In a dense, rapidly growing city, such as SF, transportation issues are complex. We hope the additional information, discussion and explanation we provide will expand the conversation.

What You Can Expect

This blog will not be a repository of press releases or official messages, and, indeed, this space won’t be very useful for specific complaints (those need to be tracked through 311, please).

Expect us to evolve over time, but we will strive to be timely, informative and worth your while. We’ll be taking cues from your comments and feedback, so we’re eager to hear back from you on what you want to learn more about here.

Thanks for your interest and support.

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Photograph on Market Street at Sixth Street looking east