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Online Budget Conversation with Jeff Tumlin

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

SFMTA Director Jeff Tumlin presented an online discussion of the agency's budget.

We want to hear from you!

To provide your input or ask a question about the key transportation decisions to be made for Fiscal Years 2021-2022, please e-mail, call 415.646.2222, or tweet @sfmta_muni with hashtag #SFMTAbudget.

歡迎參加交通局網上公開會議,討論預算事宜。如果要發表意見或就2021-2022年預算和相關的交通運輸重要決策提出問題,請電郵至, 致電415.646.2222, 或推特@sfmta_muni #SFMTAbudget

Maligayang pagdating sa SFMTA Online Budget Open House. Upang maibigay ang iyong input o tanong tungkol sa mga pangunahing desisyon sa transportasyon na gagawin para sa taong dalawang libo at dalawamput dalawa hanggang dalawang libo dalawamput isa, mangyaring mag-e-mail o tumawag sa 415.646.2222 o tweet @sfmta_muni o #sfmtabudget.

Bienvenidos a la casa abierta digital sobre el presupuesto de la Agencia Municipal de Transporte. Para proporcionar sus ideas o hacer preguntas sobre las decisiones claves de transporte que se llevarán a cabo para los años fiscales 2021-2022, por favor de enviar un correo electrónico a, llamar al 415.646.2222 o comparte un tweet a @sfmta_muni #SFMTAbudget.