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Casual Carpool
Please note the new Casual Carpool afternoon/evening pick up location below.

Since the 1970s, commuters between the East Bay and San Francisco have shared rides across the Bay Bridge in a system commonly known as casual carpool. Riders line up in locations in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties in the morning and wait for drivers to pick them up. If a car has three or more people, it can use the carpool lane on the Bay Bridge and other freeway segments like parts of I-80 in Contra Costa County, skipping traffic and paying a lower toll.

In the afternoon, fewer people use casual carpool to get back from San Francisco to the East Bay, but it's still an important service for people heading to farther-out destinations like Vallejo and Fairfield. While casual carpool is not sponsored by any government agency, the SFMTA supports it by providing curb space for casual carpool pick-up and drop-off in downtown San Francisco.

Morning Drop-Off Location

Loading zones are provided for casual carpool drop-off on each side of Howard Street between 1st and Fremont Streets. Drivers coming off the I-80 Fremont Street exit should wait to let passengers out until turning onto Howard Street and pulling over into a loading zone. On the north side of Howard Street, the loading zone is in effect at all times. On the south side, it is in effect only from 6am to 10am, Monday through Friday.

Afternoon/Evening Pick-Up Location

Casual carpool passengers waiting to go back to the East Bay in the afternoon and evening commute line up on the west side of Beale Street between Howard and Folsom Streets. The area is reserved for carpool pick-up from 2 pm to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Signs are posted along the block dividing the loading zone into different destinations.

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