Color Curb FAQs

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How can I have input when a color curb zone has been proposed on my street? 

All color curb proposals go through a public hearing where you may submit your comment in person or in writing. 

Can a business owner apply for a green zone to use for staff parking or long-term personal parking? 

No. Green zones or limited time meters are not for long-term private parking and all vehicles are subject to the posted time limit (except vehicles displaying a valid disabled parking permit). 

Is there a time limit in yellow zones for vehicles with commercial license plates? 

Yes. Yellow zones are not meant for long term parking, including commercial vehicles or those with contractor permits. All vehicles must abide by the posted time limits. 

Can a business owner park in a white zone that they applied for and paid for? 

No. White zones are not for private parkingeven for the applicant who paid for the zone 

How do blue zones get established? 

Blue zones may be requested or applied for or they may be installed by the SFMTA per federal guidelines to ensure access for people with mobility challenges. 

Who can apply for a driveway red zone? 

Property owners or renters who have access to a property’s garage (assuming it fronts the curb) may apply for a driveway red zone. 

Are there any exemptions for color curb fees (when applicable)? 

Government Agencies providing public services and non-profits that provide free services exclusively to seniors or people with disabilities are exempt from fees for white zones and general loading zones. 

How do I report illegally painted color curb? 

Contact 311

How do you report illegal parking in a white, yellow, general loadinggreen or driveway red zone? 

Report zone abuse through 311. 

Beware Color Curb scams: 

The SFMTA has received tips about fraudulent curb paint enterprises that illegally paint address numbers on the curb for a fee. The SFMTA does not paint address numbers on the curb nor is this practice sanctioned by the SFMTA in any way. One such fraudulent group goes under the name of “Community Services”, “Community Address Painting Service” or similar names. Theare not a legitimate service. Please refrain from giving money to such groups and call 911 if threatened.   

How can I receive a paper Color Curb application? 

Please contact the Color Curb Program,, 415.646.2599  

Are any vehicles exempt from time limits at green zones?  

Vehicles with valid disabled placard or plates are exempt from the time limits for green curbs/meters. 

What vehicles can legally park in a white zone? 

Any vehicle may use a white zone to load or unload passengersDrivers may not leave their vehicles unattended (except for zones at schools or hospitals) or for longer than five minutes.  

What vehicles can legally park in a yellow zone? 

Commercial vehicles or vehicles who have SFMTA issued contractor permits, unless it is a six-wheel truck loading zone, in which case only six wheeled trucks may park while loading or unloading.  Non-commercial vehicles may use a yellow zone for active loading for no more than three minutes, as long as the driver stays with the vehicle. 

What vehicles may legally use a general loading zone? 

Any vehicle may use a general loading zone for five minutes or less. Vehicles with valid disabled parking placards must observe the time limit and risk a citation for overstay. 

What vehicles can legally park in a blue zone? 

Blue zones are parking spaces for people with a valid disabled parking permit only. They are effective 24/7 except for street cleaning, tow-away zone restrictions, or when restricted by a special event or construction permit. 

Still have questions about new or existing color curb?  

Please contact the Color Curb Program,, 415.646.2599