Citizens' General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee (CGOBOC)

In November 2014, the San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement General Obligation Bond was passed by voters to make critical investments in the City’s transportation system. The $500 million investment will make Muni less crowded and more reliable and improve safety for everyone getting around San Francisco. The Bond is the first component of a long-term plan developed by the Mayor’s Transportation Task Force in 2013 to raise up to $3 billion by 2030 to improve and enhance the City’s existing transportation system and expand it for the future. The benefits of the Bond will be felt in every San Francisco neighborhood and will move the City toward Vision Zero, the City’s commitment to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024.

San Franciscans can track progress on the projects and programs supported by these funds by viewing the latest Transportation and Road Improvement General Obligation Bond quarterly progress report on the CGOBOC website.