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Taxi Task Force (TTF)


February 14, 2018


One South Van Ness Avenue, 8th FL.

Western Addition Conference Room (#8104)


The Taxi Task Force was established to advise the Director of Transportation on taxi-related matters.

Approved Taxi Task Force Work Plan

Taxi Driver Recruitment/Retention:

  •   Recruitment/retention initiative
  •   Improve English language assessment
  •   Improve waiting area at front window
  •   Expedite A-Card renewal
  •   Driver outreach events
  •   Smoking cessation effort
  •   Improve work environment for drivers at color schemes
  1.  Shorter shifts
  2.  Improve amenities
  3.  Don’t charge drivers for parking
  •   Develop plan for Driver’s Fund
  •   Articulate and post Taxi Drivers’ rights
  •   Develop a hiring hall with centralized info. This could be real or virtual. Make it easy for drivers to work for multiple companies
  •   Improve driver safety: implement Taxi Driver Trouble Lights or Panic Button
  •   Positive reinforcement of taxi industry culture change: Taxi drivers are PROFESSIONALS

Improve Customer Service

  •   Better serve all neighborhoods in SF
  •   Add Customer Service training component to driver training
  •   Free ESL class for taxi drivers
  •   Update taxi driver materials to be more user-friendly
  •  Develop/implement progressive discipline schedule

Better Integrate Taxis into SFMTA:

  •   Increase Taxi Representative presence on committees and planning efforts
  •   Increase Transit/Taxi only red carpet lanes
  •   Integrate Taxis in Vision Zero efforts
  •   Clarify taxis use of bus stops and train PCOs
  •   Improve flow of taxis in SF: develop list of intersections to advocate that cabs can make left hand turns

Medallion Sales:

  •  Improve medallion sales transparency and process

Ramp Taxi Program:

  •  Clarify program rules and requirements
  •   Execute use agreements with eligible drivers and color schemes

Implement Late Night Transportation Working Group Recommendations:

  •  Develop cab sharing regulations
  •  Pop up cab stands
  •  Subsidized taxi rides for low-income late night workers

TNC regulation

  • Taxi Industry White Paper

Color Scheme Standards

  •  Articulate what color scheme should provide to medallion holders and drivers
  •  Eliminate deposit
  •  Require standard language in lease agreements
Committee Members 

4 large Color Schemes:

·          Jim Gillespie (Yellow)

·         John Lazar (Luxor

·         Chris Sweis (Citywide)

·         Greg Cochran (DeSoto)


4 medium/small Color Schemes:

·         Evelyn Poquez (Alliance)

·         Jilcha Sambi (Comfort)

·         Dan Hinds (National/Veterans)

·         Mark Gruberg (Green Cab)


5 Medallion Holders:

·         Frederick Lein

·         Carl Macmurdo

·         Athan Rebelos

·         Mikhail Chernobkskiy

·         Christopher Fulkerson


6 Drivers:

·         John Han

·          Corey Lamb

·          Robert Vitcha

·         Tara Housman

·         Ruach Graffis

·         Tariq Mehmood


2 Taxi E-Hail Providers:

·         Tim Csontos (Curb)

·         Vince Harrington (FlyWheel)


 Credit Union:

·        Rebecca Reynolds Lytle (SF Federal Credit Union)


·        Abubaker Azam/Paul Foster


Hospitality Industry:

·         Kevin Carroll, SF Hotel Council


4 General Public Customers:

·         Bruce Oka

·         Howard Chabner

·         2 VACANT

2 Paratransit Customers (1 ambulatory and 1 wheelchair user):

·          Olivia Santiago

·         Roland Wong

 Pedestrian Safety:

·         Jane Redmond

 Bike Coalition:

·         Libby Nachman