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Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee

The Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit Community Advisory Committee (CAC) provides input to the project team by providing varied perspectives from the surrounding community and City. The nature of the Van Ness BRT CAC is advisory and serves as a connector between the community and the Van Ness BRT project team. The Van Ness BRT CAC shares the community’s interests with the project team and project information with their respective communities. 


The Van Ness BRT Community Advisory Committee:

• Hears project presentations on the approach, content and data at appropriate times and respond with community guidance and input

• Makes the project team aware of community priorities and concerns

• Acts as a channel to disseminate project information to the community and for the project team to receive feedback from the community.



Agendas will be posted on the project website one week prior the scheduled meeting.


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