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Equity Data Project

The purpose of the Equity Data Project is to understand demographic trends and inequities within the SFMTA and track progress toward achieving racial equity, social equity and inclusion within the agency. The SFMTA’s Racial Equity Action Plan commits to the creation of reports and dashboards to support consistent collection, monitoring, evaluation and sharing of data. The Equity Data Project will feature a series of data dashboards to understand trends in five areas. These dashboards will be published as they become available and will be updated on an annual basis. 

  • Now Live: Workforce Demographics
  • Coming Soon: 
    • Promotions 
    • Corrective Action and Discipline  
    • Pay 
    • Hiring 

Why lead with data to achieve racial equity? 

Leading with data will ensure we make decisions that are informed by demonstrated conditions rather than by biases, tradition or other influences that could prevent us from making the changes needed to achieve racial equity. It will allow us to identify patterns, develop measurable goals and put our resources where the data says we face the most urgent challenges. We will also be able to see how effective our actions have been at improving racial equity outcomes so we can adjust our actions to have the greatest impact. Because data can be interpreted in various ways, we plan to make it available to you through this dashboard so you can interpret it yourself.

These data dashboards can be seen below and will be updated on an annual or semi-annual basis.

We invite you to interact with the SFMTA Workforce Demographic Data Dashboard below.

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Workforce Demographics Dashboard

The Workforce Demographics Dashboard is one of a series dashboards related to the Equity Data Project. By tracking workforce demographic data across many scopes of work, we will understand the extent to which we’re making progress on ensuring that the SFMTA is led by people who reflect the diversity of both our staff and the communities we serve. Our goal is to create processes that result in a workforce that is racially and ethnically diverse across all classifications.

As you navigate the workforce demographic dashboards, please note that they include these features: 

  • There are four sections of the dashboard: Agency Overview, Demographic Overview, Race/Ethnicity and Gender. 
  • Within each section you can filter the data by division and job type and EEO job categories.
  • When a sample size includes fewer than 10 people of any racial, ethnic, or gender, the percentage will not be shown in the graphic.
  • You can hover over many sections of the tables and charts to get more detail about a particular item. 

There are limitations to the data. The Equity Data Project dashboards rely on available demographic in SFMTA and City and County systems, for example, People and Pay. Currently, gender identity data is limited to “female” and “male,” which is not culturally affirming to all SFMTA staff identifying as transgender, non-binary or genderqueer. Further, the available data on race combines a variety of ethnic groups, which limits our ability to monitor more specific gaps in the workforce. For example, we cannot see the specific numbers for Samoan or Tongan staff embedded in the larger “Asian” category, nor can we specify if staff categorized as “Black” are African American, Continental African, Afro-Latinx or Caribbean.

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