Your Chase Center Event Ticket = Your Muni Fare

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Here are the details

  • This program applies to any ticketed Chase Center event that uses the Chase Center ticketing system, which is nearly all events.
  • Both electronic and physical tickets for events – including Warriors games, concerts and other events – will serve as proof of payment for Muni service throughout the day.
  • Chase Center event tickets are valid for both bus fare and light rail fare. You will be able to ride Muni without charge.
  • The ticket does not cover the cost of riding Muni’s cable car lines. 
  • The ticket will be valid all day and expire at the end of the service day at 2:00 am after the event.
  • When using Muni Metro service, show your ticket to a Station Agent. If the booth is not occupied, proceed through the gate nearest the Station Agent window; the gate will open automatically.
  • Passengers with a valid ticket can board through any door so we can quickly get you to the event or game! There is no need to show your Chase Center ticket to a bus or rail driver.
  • Keep your event ticket handy for proof of ticket purchase when you’re heading to the arena. Failure to show a valid ticket - print, mobile or season tickets, or proof of ticket purchase - when requested by a Transit Fare Inspector can result in a proof-of-payment fine.