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Text Before Tow Program

The Text Before Tow pilot program provides enrollees with warnings before their vehicle is towed for certain violations including:

  • 72 Hour Parking (Abandoned Vehicles)
  • Blocked Driveways
  • Construction Zone Parking
  • Temporary No Parking for Special Events and Moving Trucks

This service is not available for peak tow zones, hazard lanes, or yellow and white zones.


How to Enroll

Complete this form 


What Happens Next

Once your vehicle is enrolled, if a Parking Control Officer finds your vehicle in violation of one of the regulations, a text message will be sent to alert you that your vehicle is subject to towing.

Your vehicle will still receive a citation for violation, however this service may prevent vehicles from being towed by giving you time to move your vehicle before a tow truck arrives. . A tow truck will be dispatched in conjunction with the text message notification and could be there in as few as five minutes. Once a vehicle is hooked up to a tow truck the tow cannot be stopped.

Harassment of SFMTA or its contractor staff will result in immediate termination from the program and may result in criminal prosecution.

This program is provided as a courtesy only. The SFMTA cannot guarantee the delivery or receipt of text messages. Failure to receive a text message cannot be used as a basis for a citation or tow refund.