Portsmouth Square Garage

Price Per Hour

Transient$3 per hour
Evening (Mon-Fri)
(enter after 5:00 pm and exit by 4:00 am next day)
$3 per hour
$6 Maximum


Flat Rates

Daily Maximum / Lost Ticket$27


Monthly Rates

Restricted (Mon-Fri)$285
Restricted (Sun-Sat evening)
enter after 6:00 pm and exit by 9:00 am next day)
Carpool / Car share$185


Other Rates, Fees and Charges

New Account Activation Fee$10
Access Card Replacement$25
Late Monthly Payment$25
No-key Valet Parking$25
Special Event Rate
(SFMTA staff review/approval required)
$5 - $40


Hours: Always Open
Spaces: 504
Type: Garage Attendant
Height Clearance: 7'-0"
Neighborhood: Chinatown
Phone 415.982.6353
733 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108