511: No More Super Bowl Reroutes on Friday, Minor Reroutes Over Weekend 1 hour More...

Regular Muni routes will operate Friday, Feb. 12. Super Bowl reroutes will instead end late Thursday, Feb. 11.

It is expected that 511 Transit and Google Transit will reflect these routes and schedules on Friday.

Saturday/Sunday reroutes


Buses will run on Spear instead of Steuart. 

The 14 will miss the Market & Steuart inbound stop and the Mission & Steuart terminal. Use the Mission & Spear outbound stop.

The 14R will miss the Market & Steuart inbound stop. Use the stop on Main between Mission and Market. 

F Market & Wharves

Streetcars will be replaced with buses starting 10 pm Friday. If you would like to ride historic streetcars, the E Embarcadero will run on Saturday and Sunday.

The Don Chee Way stop will not be served going toward Fisherman's Wharf. Use the Ferry Building stop instead.


The Don Chee Way stop will not be served in either direction.

Inbound toward Caltrain/Bayshore, use the stop on Spear after Market.

Outbound toward Ocean Beach/Van Ness, use the stop on Market at Drumm.

511: Super Bowl 50: 21 Hayes Reroute & Terminal Change More...

Due to the Super Bowl 50 street closures, several Muni lines have been rerouted to increase reliability and avoid congestion. The 21 Hayes will miss several stops from January 23 to February 12, 2016 for all hours of service.

Missed Stops:

Inbound Market at First
Inbound Market at Beale
Inbound Spear at Market
Inbound and Outbound Steuart at Terminal
Outbound Steuart at Market
Outbound Market at Drumm
Outbound Market at Front

The 21 Hayes terminal will be moved from the Ferry Plaza to Mission and Beale streets.

For more information about traffic during the Super Bowl, visit sftma.com/sb50. There is a transit map with more detail as well.


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Fulton and Shrader via Fulton, Shrader, Hayes, Laguna, Grove, Polk, Market (uses island stops before Fremont, one curb stop after), Spear, Mission, Steuart to Ferries.


Steuart, Market (uses curb stops), Hayes, Stanyan, Fulton to Shrader.

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