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Implementation and Evaluation

Implementation of the Strategic Plan lies chiefly in the development and completion of the strategic actions developed on a two-year cycle in line with the SFMTA budget process. While each SFMTA division specifies their operations and capital investments will support the implementation of the new plan, success will also depend on the identification of cross-divisional strategic initiatives to improve project and service delivery across all agency functions. In this way, the agency’s actions will be visible throughout the organization and be reflected in staff performance plans, aligning all staff efforts in working towards achieving the agency vision.


Rather than specifying a specific timeframe during which the agency will implement this plan, this Strategic Plan will be a living document that can be updated as needed to respond to the constantly evolving city and region. Prior agency strategic plans were updated every five-to-six years, leaving little opportunity to modify the objectives and metrics as needed. With this new Strategic Plan, the agency will conduct a comprehensive assessment of its progress towards achieving its goals and objectives every two years in advance of the development of each capital and operating budget. At that time, the agency will update the strategic plan elements to address changes in city priorities and in the needs of the residents, workers, and visitors that use the transportation system.

In addition to the biennial assessment of the plan, the SFMTA will chart progress towards achieving its objectives by tracking the movement on the performance metrics listed in this plan. Targets for each metric will be defined every two years in line with the budget cycle to ensure there is adequate funding to support the agency’s strategic initiatives and meet the targets.


Public reporting on progress is critical to the implementation process. As the agency moves forward in completing actions and establishing new programs, the SFMTA will continue to issue regular public reports and updates on the actions and metrics.