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Slow Streets Program Network, January 2023

Bike map
Project map

This map shows the corridors approved for inclusion in the Slow Streets Program. Included corridors are:

  • 12th Avenue, from Lincoln Way to Lawton Street
  • 22nd Street, from Bryant Street to Chattanooga Avenue
  • 23rd Avenue, from Lake Street to Cabrillo Street
  • Arlington Street, from Roanoke Street to Randall Street
  • Cabrillo Street, from 45th Avenue to 25th Avenue
  • Cayuga Avenue, from Naglee Avenue to Rousseau Street
  • Clay Street, from Arguello Boulevard to Steiner Street
  • Golden Gate Avenue, from Parker Street to Broderick Street
  • Hearst Avenue, from Ridgewood Avenue to Baden Street 
  • Lake Street, from Arguello Boulevard to 28th Avenue     
  • Lyon Street, from Turk Street to Haight Street     
  • Minnesota Street, from Mariposa Street to 22nd Street     
  • Noe Street, from Duboce Avenue to Beaver Street
  • Page Street, from Stanyan Street to Octavia Boulevard   
  • Sanchez Street, from 23rd Street to 30th Street
  • Shotwell Street, from Cesar Chavez to 14th Street
  • Somerset Street, from Silver Avenue to Woolsey Street