Airport GTU Inspections Requirements for Ramp Taxis

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TO: Ramp Taxi Medallion Holders, Color Schemes, and Drivers

The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify the inspection process and requirements for taxi drivers operating a ramp taxi that seek to renew their permit issued by the Ground Transportation Unit (GTU) at San Francisco International Airport.

Modifications to Ramp Taxi Vehicles

All equipment, particularly any vehicle modifications, will be examined by GTU staff during the annual inspection review. GTU reserves the right to not renew a  Taxi permit if any equipment in or on the vehicle compromises the safety of the vehicle. It is required that any modifications be completed by a business identified as an Adaptive Vehicle Modifier in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database with proof of said repairs/modifications (i.e. receipt/invoice of work with the business’s contact information).  GTU reserves the right to determine that a ramp taxi vehicle has failed the inspection if there is an issue with the modification and the GTU technicians believe the modification will compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Wheelchair Securement Demonstration

All taxi drivers operating a ramp taxi vehicle will be required to demonstrate proper securement of a wheelchair in their vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, demonstrating properly securing a wheelchair using the vehicle’s tie down equipment and use of the shoulder belt/harness for a passenger. Failure to adequately secure a wheelchair in a ramp taxi will require that the driver undergo re-training and may delay issuance of the annual renewal permit.

Shoulder Belt/Harness for Rear Back Seats

In addition to the requirements related to the permit issued by the GTU, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) would also like to clarify that all passenger seats, including those in the rear row, must have a shoulder belt/harness per NHTSA-04-18726.

Please contact SFMTA Taxi Services at 415.646.4400 or for any questions or clarification.



Philip Cranna
Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager

SFMTA Taxis, Access, and Mobility Services