Cab Company Changes Effective April 1, 2015

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Color Scheme Change Notice

The following individuals have filed and completed applications to change Color Scheme or Dispatch Company.  These applications have been approved.

The Color Scheme Changes below will be effective April 1, 2015:

Medallion Holder Name: Medallion #: Change From:   Change To:
1. James Tak Foon Chan 28 National Cab Yellow Cab
2. Ken Shum 160 Arrow Checker SF Super Cab
3. Kurt Harrison 218 Arrow Checker SF Taxicab
4. Gary Richard Bellotti 230 Arrow Checker Vina Cab
5. Steven Gold 280 Arrow Checker Comfort Cab
6. Melaku Girma 585 Yellow Cab Comfort Cab
7. Bruno Nguyen 899 Regents Cab SF Super Cab
8. Carl Macmurdo 906 Yellow Cab Flywheel Taxi
9. Faqir Sangha 1058 Arrow Checker Veterans Cab
10. Frank Wong 1213 Yellow Cab Gold Star
11. George Katz 1453 Arrow Checker Veterans Cab
12. Marika Yuhas 1473 Town Taxi Gold Star
13. Papinder Singh 1478 Luxor Cab Town Taxi
14. Farace Truong 1561 SF Taxi SF Super Cab
15. Nuru T Mamuye 1621 Arrow Checker Flywheel Taxi
16. Phillip Cole S-32 Arrow Checker Flywheel Taxi