UPDATE: Delay on Bill Walsh Way has cleared. The IB 29 resuming regular service. https://t.co/f19vLFawk2 (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

Cab Company Changes Effective May 1, 2016

Effective Date
Sunday, May 1, 2016 - 12:00am
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Color Scheme Change Notice

The following individuals have filed and completed applications to change Color Scheme or Dispatch Company.

The color scheme changes below will be effective May 1, 2016:

Medallion Holder Name: Medallion #: Change From:           Change To:
Herman Haluza 797 Yellow Cab Citywide Taxi
Shun Lung Wong 849 Yellow Cab SF Super Cab
Gennady Kaplunov 869 Town Taxi SF Taxicab
Isao Hamamoto 928 Union Cab Flywheel Taxi
Joseph Allen 943 Yellow Cab Citywide Taxi
Thomas Ferris 961 Yellow Cab Regents Cab
James Gillespie 987 Yellow Cab Citywide Taxi
Jamal Odtallah 1088 Gold Star Flywheel Taxi
Jatinder Singh 1133 Luxor Cab SF Super Cab

The following color schemes changes are on hold and new company must contact SFMTA:

Medallion Holder Name:

Medallion #:

Change From:         

Change To:

Richard Duchene


Yellow Cab

American Cab

Eleanor Siron


Comfort Cab

Union Cab