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Citywide Meter Rate Adjustment #3 Fall 2018

Effective Date 
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 6:15pm

The SFMTA uses demand-responsive pricing to open up parking spaces on each block and reduce circling and double-parking. Using meter payment data to estimate parking occupancy, the SFMTA raises the rate by $0.25 on blocks where average occupancy is above 80%, lowers the rate $0.25 on blocks where average occupancy is below 60%, and does not change the rate on blocks that hit the target occupancy between 60% and 80%. Rates may vary by block, by time of day, and weekday or weekend.

A new rate change will go into effect at all meters in October. To learn more about the demand-responsive program and for a map with current parking meter rates on each block please visit the demand-responsive program page.