UPDATE: Eastbound 29 and 49 resuming regular route. Bus shuttles continue to provide #KIngleside svc btwn West Portal and Balboa Park. (More: 21 in last 48 hours)

Color Scheme Changes - Bay Cab Closure

Effective Date
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 12:00am
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Color Scheme Change Notice

Bay Cab Closure

The following individuals have filed and completed applications to change Color Scheme or Dispatch Company.  These applications have been approved due to the closure of Bay Cab.

The Color Scheme Changes below will be approved:

Med. No.  Name New Color Scheme
134 Hailu Anteneh American
39 Day & Day Taxi Arrow Checker
42 Day & Day Taxi Arrow Checker
176 Yung Park Arrow Checker
185 Peter Han Ng Arrow Checker
309 Nathaniel N Kassa Arrow Checker
352 Sufyan Alsharif Arrow Checker
562 Samson Tam Arrow Checker
647 Henry Vo Arrow Checker
664 Twin Peaks Transportation Arrow Checker
665 Twin Peaks Transportation Arrow Checker
789 Renate Sumaruck Wymiarkiewicz Arrow Checker
819 Khang Vo Arrow Checker
833 David Basada Arrow Checker
858 Mekonnen Worku Arrow Checker
876 Seyfu Gardew Arrow Checker
880 Kenneth Kinh Nguyen Arrow Checker
932 Dionisio Tabaloc Arrow Checker
945 Roger Cardenas Arrow Checker
976 Joe Borzello Arrow Checker
995 Mark Giorgi Arrow Checker
1048 Reynaldo Datlag Arrow Checker
1120 David Wagner Arrow Checker
1134 Dan Van Vo Arrow Checker
1174 Dang Dinh Mai Arrow Checker
1209 Minh Nguyen Arrow Checker
1403 Francis Basada Arrow Checker
1487 Aboulghassem Malmirchegini Arrow Checker
1520 Sung Choi Arrow Checker
1149 Freidon Waziri Desoto Cab
1437 Ibrahim Y Awwad Desoto Cab
323 Tien Vo Fog City
410 Tse San Kwan Fog City
1147 Nguyen Nguyen Fog City
1383 Jian X Zhou Fog City
119 Wing Hang Wong Gold Star
177 Shahram Amirehram National Cab
378 Daryoush Amir-Ehsami National Cab
1508 Manoch Amirehsam SF Taxi Cab
7 Daniel Lee SF Taxi Cab
106 Khoi Thien Nguyen SF Taxi Cab
198 Bieu Quach SF Taxi Cab
287 Eagle Taxi Cab Co, Inc SF Taxi Cab
288 Eagle Taxi Cab Co, Inc SF Taxi Cab
289 Eagle Taxi Cab Co, Inc SF Taxi Cab
290 Eagle Taxi Cab Co, Inc SF Taxi Cab
350 Johnny Huynh SF Taxi Cab
367 Man Huynh SF Taxi Cab
458 CW Transportation SF Taxi Cab
459 CW Transportation SF Taxi Cab
658 Anh Quang Hoang SF Taxi Cab
660 Sunny Ly SF Taxi Cab
788 Vion Lee SF Taxi Cab
881 Tuan Nguy SF Taxi Cab
938 John An Truong Chau SF Taxi Cab
942 Hung Hong Truong SF Taxi Cab
957 Wan Chung Wong SF Taxi Cab
962 Tai Ho SF Taxi Cab
998 Mai Luong Van SF Taxi Cab
999 Leonid Zeltser SF Taxi Cab
1095 Phong Pham SF Taxi Cab
1111 Philip Lee SF Taxi Cab
1112 Hoang Minh Cao SF Taxi Cab
1126 Benny Hu SF Taxi Cab
1161 Patrick Harrington SF Taxi Cab
1182 Duy Minh Cao SF Taxi Cab
1195 Tom Tran SF Taxi Cab
1258 Sanh Thu Ly SF Taxi Cab
1290 Delano Chang SF Taxi Cab
1323 Thien Van Lam SF Taxi Cab
1376 Hermenegildo Trinidad SF Taxi Cab
1413 Cuong Chi Huynh SF Taxi Cab
1483 Joe Chang SF Taxi Cab
228 Michael Vo Yellow Cab Co
294 Thomas Scholten Yellow Cab Co
295 Thomas Scholten Yellow Cab Co
296 Thomas Scholten Yellow Cab Co
624 Garik B. Leytman Yellow Cab Co
1067 Son Thai Nguyen Yellow Cab Co
1312 Amir Mansouri Yellow Cab Co
1430 Kalesilassie Gebresilassie Yellow Cab Co