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COVID-19 Vaccination For All Californians Aged 16 and Up

Effective Date
Friday, April 2, 2021 - 9:00am
News categories
Taxi Industry

San Francisco Taxi Drivers, Color Scheme Managers and Medallion Holders

Commencing April 15, 2021, the State of California will allow all persons over the age of 16 to be vaccinated for COVID-19. 

In anticipation of long wait times after April 15, expect growing demand from passengers under 65 with disabilities that are unregistered for either SF Paratransit or ETC seeking transportation options to get to vaccination appointments.  And in addition to the usual SF Paratransit demand, registered SF Paratransit and ETC riders under 65 may also be requesting trips to/from vaccination sites.

I encourage all taxi drivers, including and especially ramp taxi drivers, and color schemes to monitor the situation and be prepared to respond to spikes in passenger demand.  You may wish to consider cruising vaccination sites for riders needing return rides from vaccination appointments.

Please recall that ETC customers received a one-time allotment to use their taxi debit card to get COVID-19 vaccine.  These rides are good for trips to the city-sponsored high-volume vaccine sites, hospitals or anywhere else that is offering vaccines.

Attached is the list of vaccination sites.  After receiving vaccine, passengers may need transportation from these locations.

If you have any questions, please contact SFTaxi@SFMTA.com.

Philip Cranna, Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager
Taxis, Access & Mobility Services