FINAL UPDATE: Delay near Ocean and Alemany has cleared. IB/OB 29 and 49 resuming regular service. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

Engineering Public Hearing Meeting, April 2, 2021

Effective Date
Friday, April 2, 2021 - 10:00am

The Sustainable Streets Division of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will 
hold an on-line public hearing on Friday, April 2, 2021, at 10:00 AM to consider the various matters listed on the agenda below.

The purpose of the public hearing will be to get public feedback on these proposals. No decisions will be made on these items at the public hearing.  Based upon all public feedback received, the SFMTA will make and post the decision on these items by the following Friday on the SFTMA website.

Public opinion about these proposals can be shared in any of the following ways:

•    Online Skype Meeting: 
•    To speak about any items, please follow the phone-in instructions.
•    Phoning during the public hearing: please dial 888-398-2342 and enter the code 8647385. When public comment is open key in “1” and then “0” to join the queue of people wishing to comment. 
•    Sending an email to with the subject line “Public Hearing.”

For clarification about any items before the public hearing, the responsible staff person is listed, along with an email address.

17th and Judah - Red Zone
Judah Street, south side, from 27 feet to 42 feet west of 17th Avenue
(Supervisor Districts 5 & 7) (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer) Edgar Orozco,

This proposal to extends a 9' red zone by 15' to improve visibility.

Anzavista Avenue at O’ Farrell Street – STOP Sign 
Anzavista Avenue, northbound at O'Farrell Street, stopping the stem of this T-intersection. (Supervisor District 2) (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer) Amy Chun,

Proposal to stop the stem of this T-intersection to reinforce the right-of-way.

Hyde Street at Bush Street – No Turn on Red
Hyde Street, southbound, at Bush Street 
(Supervisor District 5) (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer) Jeffrey Tom,

Proposal to restrict turns on red due to limited visibility at the intersection.

Ocean Avenue at Alemany Boulevard – No Turn on Red
Ocean Avenue, westbound, at Alemany Boulevard (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)
(Supervisor District 11) Winnie Lee,

Proposal for painted two-stage turn bike box to accommodate bicyclists traveling northbound on Alemany Boulevard connecting to bike route on Ocean Avenue westbound.

Folsom and Ripley Red Zone 
Folsom Street, east side, from Ripley Street to 18 feet northerly (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)

Folsom Street, west side, from Ripley Street to 30 feet southerly (Requires MTAB Approval) (Supervisor District 9) Edgar Orozco,

Proposal to restrict parking across two existing spots to improve operations for Muni buses and visibility for pedestrians. This parking loss is offset by adding parking across the street. 

The following items have been environmentally cleared by the Planning Department on March 18, 2021, Case No. 2007.1238E, and December 18, 2015, Case 2015-005492ENV:

Fern Street, between Van Ness Avenue and Polk Street – Fern Alley West Project
Fern Street at Polk Street, west crosswalk (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)

Fern Street, mid-block between Van Ness Avenue and Polk Street (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)

Fern Street, south side, from Polk Street to 201 feet westerly (for midblock 3-foot sidewalk widening and 6-foot north-side corner sidewalk widening, removes blue zone, bike share station, parking meter #119) (Requires MTAB Approval)

Polk Street, west side, from 6 feet to 28 feet south of Bush Street (removes parking meter #1241) (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)

Bush Street, south side, from 18 feet to 62 feet west of Polk Street (44-foot bike share station, replaces parking meters #1403 and 1405) (Approvable by City Traffic Engineer)
(Supervisor District 3) Ellen Robinson,

The proposed Fern Alley West project will extend streetscape enhancements on Fern Street east of Polk Street to the half-block of Fern Street west of Polk Street. The project will add sidewalk extensions, a raised crosswalk at Polk Street, a mid-block speed table, decorative paving treatments, improved lighting and new street trees.

 Items denoted with (Engineer) can be given approval by the City Traffic Engineer after the public hearing.  Otherwise, the SFMTA Board will make the final approval at a later date based on the outcome at the public hearing.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Appeal Rights under Chapter 31 of the San Francisco Administrative Code: For Approval Actions, the Planning Department has issued a CEQA exemption determination or negative declaration, which may be viewed online at Following approval of the item by the SFMTA City Traffic Engineer, the CEQA determination is subject to appeal within the time frame specified in S.F. Administrative Code Section 31.16, typically within 30 calendar days of the Approval Action. For information on filing a CEQA appeal, contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, CA 94102, or call (415) 554-5184. Under CEQA, in a later court challenge, a litigant may be limited to raising only those issues previously raised at a hearing on the project or in written correspondence delivered to the Board of Supervisors or other City board, commission or department at, or prior to, such hearing, or as part of the appeal hearing process on the CEQA decision.

Whether the City Traffic Engineer’s decision is considered a Final SFMTA Decision is determined by Division II, Section 203 of the Transportation Code.  If the City Traffic Engineer approves a parking or traffic modification, this decision is considered a Final SFMTA Decision.  If a City Traffic Engineer disapproves a parking or traffic modification and a member of the public requests SFMTA review of that decision, the additional review shall be conducted pursuant to Division II, Section 203 of the Transportation Code.  City Traffic Engineer decisions will be posted on by 5 p.m. on the Friday following the public hearing. Final SFMTA Decisions involving certain parking or traffic modifications, whether made by the City Traffic Engineer or the SFMTA Board, can be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Ordinance 127-18. Information about the review process can be found at:  

Approved for Public Hearing by:

    Ricardo Olea
City Traffic Engineer
    Sustainable Streets Division

cc:     James Lee, SFMTA Parking and Enforcement 
    Matt Lee, SFMTA Service Planning

ISSUE DATE:  3/19/21