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K Taxis Authorized at SFO at Certain Times

Effective Date
Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 9:00am

San Francisco Taxi Drivers

Due to recurring severe shortages of P taxis, SFO will be allowing K taxis to participate in the Virtual Queue and pickup at SFO late at night on certain days of the week.
From now until May 31st 2022, K taxis who log into the TaxiVQ app at 10:00pm or later on Thursday, Sunday or Monday nights may add themselves to the waitlist. K Taxis who add themselves to the waitlist during these times will be allowed to enter the SFO hold lot and pick up a fare once they reach the top of the waitlist. During these late-night hours when we consistently experience shortages, K taxis and P taxis will be in the same “virtual queue” and no preference will be given to Ps over Ks. K taxis will also be eligible for tracked short trips through the app.

Note that K taxis adding themselves to the waitlist before 10pm will NOT be permitted to enter SFO, even if the app indicates permission has been granted. The app does not allow us to remove drivers from the waitlist who improperly add themselves outside the authorized days and hours. Successfully obtaining app authorization to enter SFO does not guarantee entry if you improperly added yourself.

T taxis are not part of this program and may only come to SFO when a specific shortage is experienced. This will be announced by calling taxi dispatch centers, who will put out a radio call.
This is a short-term pilot program to address serious and immediate customer needs at SFO. If P-taxi supply increases late at night in the coming weeks, the program will not be extended past May 31st.
Please contact the curbside management office at 650.821.2700 with any questions.


Seth Morgan
Senior Transportation Planner
SFO Landside Operations