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Lot 1 Reopening and New Pattern

Effective Date
Friday, June 24, 2022 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

TO: San Francisco Taxi Drivers

Starting on Monday, June 27, Taxi Hold Lot 1 will reopen. This is the lot after the payment gates. Taxis will line up in this lot after passing the payment gate and will be dispatched to the curb from here. Lot 2 (donut lot) will remain open and will still be the first stop for arriving taxis. Drivers will be sent from Lot 2 to Lot 1 by Curbside staff. This change is being made to allow Lot 3 to be converted to parking.

Returning short trips will be verified upon entering the garage by the check-in staffer at the top of the ramp and may proceed directly to Lot 1 without passing through Lot 2. Lot 1 will have a separate short lane, same as before.
Lot 1 has limited cell phone coverage. To avoid losing your tracked short trip, you may need to connect to the free SFO wifi while in Lot 1. Loss of signal for 5 minutes or more could cause you to not qualify for a tracked short trip after picking up a customer. It is your responsibility to make sure you either have signal at all times or connect to the wifi provided.

Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 with any questions.

Seth Morgan
Senior Transportation Planner
SFO Landside Operations