Meter and a Half Survey Results

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TO:  San Francisco Taxi Drivers, Medallion Holders, Color Scheme Managers

Please note that the proposed changes to the Transportation Code involving the regulation of Taxis will be heard at the September 7, 2021 MTA Board meeting

As part of the 2021 Code Reform, SFMTA originally proposed to update Meter and a Half rules.  SFMTA sent a survey to the San Francisco Taxi Industry seeking industry input.  The survey was closed August 25, 2021.  Thank you to those who completed the survey.  We had nearly 500 responses from the industry, and nearly 300 completed responses.

Based upon the results below, SFMTA will not be moving forward with any changes to 1124(b)(3) relating to Out of Town Trips (Meter and a Half). By far, the most popular response to the survey was a request to not make any changes to the Meter and a Half system. Please see the survey results from the ranked choice survey below.

Image of survey result