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The new Taxi Short app - Technology Update

Effective Date
Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

The new Taxi Short app works a little differently than the old app. To use the app, you must log on before you pass the taxi entrance gate and leave it running in the background. It’s best to do this in the city or at your home before heading to the airport. You may need to log on again for the first trip of each day, but you shouldn’t need to do this more than once per day. The app should display “Lot Entry Required” after logging on and before arriving at SFO. It will show “Waiting For Dispatch” once you enter the hold lot. If you forget to log on prior to arriving at SFO, you’ll need to exit the holding lot to the freeway, loop around at San Bruno Avenue or Millbrae Avenue and re-enter. You may lose your place in line if you need to do this.

As a reminder, the old taxi short app has been discontinued. If you haven’t yet, taxi drivers MUST:
1. Delete the old Taxi Q app currently on your phone
2. Go to the app store to download the new app:

Apple/iPhone Download:
1. Open App Store application
2. Click on the Search tab (bottom right)
3. Search for New SFO TaxiQ
4. Click on the UPDATE or GET button  next to the New SFO TaxiQ application

Google/Android Download:

1. Open Play Store application
2. Click/tap on Search for apps and games (top of screen)
3. Search for New SFO TaxiQ
4. Click on the UPDATE or INSTALL button next to the New SFO TaxiQ application

You must do this immediately to continue claiming valid shorts at SFO.
Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 for basic support questions.

Seth Morgan
Senior Transportation Planner
SFO Landside Operations