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NEW TaxiQ Phone Application

Effective Date
Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

TO: San Francisco Taxi Drivers

Starting today, SFO will be releasing a new version of the TaxiQ application used to grant short trips. This new version functions almost the same as the old one but fixes several bugs/issues that have come up as the original app has grown older and more out of date. Use of the new application is currently optional. A further announcement will be made when the old application is to be discontinued, likely in about four weeks. You can download the new app by going to your app store and searching for “New TaxiQ”. At time of writing the Apple version is available and the Android version is expected to be available later today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) at latest.
The new application includes one new policy change, specifically that it is no longer permitted to remain stationary in

side the short boundary for more than 15 minutes and still claim a short. This is to prevent fraudulent attempts by drivers to claim shorts by leaving their phones behind when on a long trip. Stationary is defined as staying within a 100 foot wide area, so you must drive around the block not simply move the phone around your home or a restaurant.

If you have problems using the app, we ask you to speak with Curbside staff at SFO first, who can help with basic issues. Curbside management can be reached at 650-821-2700. Taxi drivers who encounter problems or bugs are asked to report them by filling out ALL the questions in this online survey: This form is for technical problems only. Your feedback is appreciated. As a thank-you for taking the time to report a bug, you will be granted a short ticket if our technology team is able to confirm and replicate the bug you reported and you are the first person to do so (limit one per driver).

Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 with any questions.

Seth Morgan
Senior Transportation Planner SFO Landside Operations