FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Duboce and Noe has cleared. IB #NJudah resuming service. (More: 4 in last 48 hours)

New TaxiVQ App Startup Issues in SFO

Effective Date
Friday, February 11, 2022 - 9:00am
News categories
Taxi Industry

SFO is aware there have been several issues related to the startup of the TaxiVQ app. Our team has been working diligently day and night to find solutions to these issues, and the situation should be much more stable and reliable moving forward. Please see issue-specific updates below.

  1. WAITLIST NOT UPDATING, SCREEN FREEZING: Your waitlist position number should now be accurate. The app should no longer be freezing when you tap a button. If you still experience an issue while on the waitlist which causes you to miss your confirmation window, please come in to the Curbside office for verification.
  2. WAIT TIMES, LOT INFO: Your own waitlist position is shown correctly, however all other statistics shown in the app are not accurate. Please only pay attention to your OWN waitlist number and how quickly it is going down towards zero.
  3. SIGN-IN: A small number of Ramp and Spare drivers had trouble signing in with their medallions. This should now be fixed. Please contact Curbside directly if you are still experiencing problems.
  4. REMOTE TAXI LOT: Two additional portable restrooms were added to the remote taxi lot today. Additional units will be added in the coming days. SFO is aware that some drivers have requested improved facilities in the remote lot, and we will seriously consider these requests. However, the remote lot is intended for short stays only. If you are higher up on the waitlist, we encourage you to wait elsewhere or take other fares in the city. If you do not wish to take fares in the city, there is no need to be at SFO while you wait. There are a wide variety of activities available in the nearby area.

We appreciate your patience with our deployment of this app. If experience another error not mentioned above, please speak with Curbside Management by calling 650-821-2700.