New Traffic Signals in SFO Taxi Lot 2 Notice 8.26.2022

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TO: San Francisco Taxi Drivers

SFO has installed traffic signals at the vehicle exit from Taxi Lot 2 (donut lot). When the light is green, the next taxis in line may proceed to Lot 1. When it turns red, taxis which have not yet crossed the stop bar at the front of their aisle must immediately stop and wait until the next green light.

Note that even if the traffic signal is green, you may still need to yield to other vehicles or pedestrians. The traffic light only indicates when it is your turn, it does not control other cars or pedestrians. Please use caution when moving towards Lot 1.

If you have a valid short trip, the check-in staff member at the top of the ramp will validate it and direct you to proceed directly to Lot 1 using the outer bypass road- do not enter Lot 2.

If a staff member gives you hand or paddle signals, please obey them instead of the traffic light. Staff will be present to answer questions during the first few days of signal operation. Thank you for your cooperation as we improve the efficiency of our lots.