FINAL UPDATE: Delay near Ocean and Alemany has cleared. IB/OB 29 and 49 resuming regular service. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

Passenger Demand And Lot Operations in SFO

Effective Date
Thursday, April 1, 2021 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

To Taxi Drivers,

SFO is experiencing growing passenger demand. While demand is still far below pre-pandemic normal, we encourage taxi drivers and color schemes to monitor the situation and be prepared to respond to SFO when informed about spikes in passenger demand, especially late at night.

Taxi Hold Lot 2 (the donut lot) will be rearranged. All Shorts will line up in the lanes on the far right upon entering the lot. Longs will line up from right to left in the remaining lanes.

If Taxi Hold Lot 2 (the donut lot) is full or nearly full, a cone will be placed in front of the entrance and a sign will be placed at the top of the entrance ramp pointing P taxis to the right. When this happens, P or Ramp taxis that are not Shorts should turn right into Taxi Lot 3 (the old K Taxi lot) and line up in order from right to left, starting at the cones. The back part of Lot 3 will remain closed. Stay in your lane and DO NOT cross over to Lot 2 until directed by a staff member. Shorts may continue entering Lot 2 as normal at all times.

Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 with any questions.

Seth Morgan

Senior Transportation Planner

SFO Landside Operations