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Pickups at Rental Car Center, Ramp Closures, and Summer Travel Notice

Effective Date
Friday, May 26, 2023 - 4:00pm
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Taxi Industry

Summer Travel Returns to Full Pre-Pandemic Levels

Summer 2023 will be very busy, and taxi drivers should expect more fares at the airport. Projections show that this summer will be about as busy as 2018. Expect particularly high demand at the end of holiday weekends, starting with this coming Monday evening (Memorial Day).

Overnight Ramp Closures

Several on- and off- ramps on US-101 will be closed overnight in the coming months for repaving. This may occur without warning. The first closure with serious impacts to the airport will close the direct ramp from I-380 to the airport between 12am and 4am on certain nights next week. Taxi drivers coming from the city overnight are advised to use US 101, not I-280/380.

Curbside Office Relocation

On Friday, June 2, the Curbside Management Office will be relocated to Terminal 1. Use the A/B tunnel to reach T1. The office is on the back wall of baggage claim behind Carousel 4.

Rental Car Center Pickups

SFO will begin advertising that taxis are available at the Rental Car Center. Customers wanting to take a taxi will call Curbside Management, and the next cab in line will be directed to the Rental Car Center. Depending on the situation, this may be the next cab in line in the lots, or at one of the stands.

Please note that you are required to go to the Rental Car Center if directed and to make a good faith effort to meet the customer. Upon arrival at the Rental Car Center, you must do the following:

  1. If the customer is not already waiting at the Rental Car Center driveway, call the shift manager at (650) 808-0713. The Shift Manager will call the customer and guide them to you.
  2. Wait a minimum of 5 minutes after calling the shift manager for the passenger to find you.
  3. If the Shift Manager calls you back, follow any additional instructions.

Taxis may not stage at the Rental Car Center at any time, including during open lot hours (2am-7am). Taxis may ONLY go to the rental car center when directed by Curbside staff.

SFO expects this to be a popular service, including for locals returning from rental car road trips and needing to go to their homes. Taxi drivers should expect a mix of longs and shorts from the Rental Car Center. Please contact the curbside management office at 650-821-2700 with any questions.