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Potential Medallion Revocations

Effective Date
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 9:00am
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Taxi Industry

In September of 2020, the Taxi Services department of the SFMTA issued Notices of Nonrenewal to the following list of elderly taxi medallion holders.  These Notices were issued due to various apparent failures on the part of each of these individuals to maintain driver's licenses and/or their A-Cards, or to sign their sworn statements.  Administrative hearings were scheduled for each of these drivers, but none of the listed individuals responded to the notice of the scheduled hearings, despite repeated attempts to contact them prior to and on the day of each of the hearings.

Each of these individuals may lose their taxi medallion permits if the Taxi Services' Notices of Nonrenewal are determined to be justified under the circumstances.

The SFMTA Hearing Section will enter Orders of Default for each of these individuals unless our Hearing Section is advised by May 31, 2021, that the lack of adequate notice or other circumstances may have prevented any of these individuals from attending the administrative hearings which were scheduled for each of them earlier this month.

List of individuals:

Larry Shamis

Jack Maniaci

Jack J. Lebo

Yossedek Mekonnen Desta

Robert A. Gross

John Derry

Selwyn David

Marc Clearwater

Mariaana-Maria Photiou

Michael Callanan

Dean Olsen

Yared Ephrem

Bijan Afshari

Richard Quigley

Ray Stanley

David Perlin

Frederich H. Rerat

Antal Marjai

Anh Tran