Red Colorization of Transit Lanes on Mission Street in SoMa

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Effective Date

Starting in mid-May, we’ll begin coloring the transit lanes red on Mission Street in SoMa as part of the Mission Street SoMa Transit Improvements project. Work on Mission Street from 11th to 1st streets is anticipated to be complete by the end of summer but, pending completion of private construction projects along Mission Street, could be extended.

Crews will work overnight and on weekends in part to limit transit and traffic disruption to Mission Street. Additionally, blocks will be colored red non-sequentially to avoid ongoing construction on some blocks. Transit, traffic and parking impacts are expected to be minimal during the installation.

Coloring the transit lanes red helps to increase visibility and compliance of the lanes. Red-colored lanes can increase compliance of a transit lane up to 55% which would further increase the transit time savings benefits we’ve already seen on Mission Street for its thousands of daily transit riders.