SF Giants Baseball Games June 2024

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Effective Date

TO:                  San Francisco Taxi Drivers, Medallion Holders and Color Scheme Managers

FROM:             Philip Cranna, Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager, Taxi Services

Please be advised of the upcoming Giants games listed below.  Please note that Taxis have access to the “red lane” on 3rd Street, which allows Taxis to efficiently leave the area.  There are multiple Taxi Stands located on 2nd Street and 3rd Street.  For end times, tune into KNBR 680 AM or 104.5 FM.

Date Team First Pitch Event
Jun 11 Tue Astros 6:45 pm PDT  
Jun 12 Wed Astros 12:45 pm PDT  
Jun 14 Fri Angels 7:15 pm PDT Native American Heritage Night
Jun 15 Sat Angels 1:05 pm PDT Pride Day Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt
Jun 16 Sun Angels 1:05 pm PDT Father’s Day Straw Hat
Jun 24 Mon Cubs 6:45 pm PDT Educator Appreciation Night
Jun 25 Tue Cubs 6:45 pm PDT Marvel’s Deadpool Night
Jun 26 Wed Cubs 6:45 pm PDT Korean Heritage Night
Jun 27 Thu Cubs 12:45 pm PDT  
Jun 28 Fri Dodgers 7:15 pm PDT Fireworks Night
Jun 29 Sat Dodgers 4:15 pm PDT “Beat LA” Aloha Shirt
Jun 30 Sun Dodgers 1:05 pm PDT Mickey Mouse Ears Hat
  • From the seventh inning until post-game traffic dies down, the SFMTA will close eastbound King Street between 3rd and 2nd streets to vehicle traffic in order to reduce congestion on city streets.
  • Additionally, during day games and if traffic during a night game makes it necessary, the northbound portion of the 4th Street Bridge (Peter R. Maloney Bridge) will be closed to all traffic except Muni, taxis and bicycles during the post-game period.

Taxi Stands are located at:

  • 680 2nd Street
  • 750 2nd Street
  • 798 3rd Street please note the new location

Taxi Stand on the map