SFO Internet Outage Impacting TaxiVQ 3.1.2022

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Yesterday (March 1st) at around 2:30pm, construction crews in South San Francisco severed a key internet fiber conduit, cutting the primary internet feed to SFO and other area businesses. Since that time, SFO has been attempting to operate using backup circuits, but these are occasionally getting overwhelmed. When the circuits are overwhelmed, the TaxiVQ app will not work correctly because your phone isn’t able to connect with our server to get confirmation. Crews are working to repair the severed fiber as quickly as possible, but no estimated time is available yet. We expect continued outages today.

What to do

Do NOT come to the airport unless you receive a phone call or a notification on your phone. It creates a huge traffic jam and slows everyone down. If you miss your notification due to a system outage beyond your control, we’ll verify it and honor your reservation.

DO try again. If you attempt to use the app and it freezes or you get an error message, minimize the app and retry in a few minutes. Most outages have been less than 45 minutes long.

Do NOT force quit or log out. In general, waitlist positions have been safe through the outages, but they won’t be if you quit.

What we are doing

We are maintaining a list of every reservation so we can verify your reservation in the event that the system loses it. Do not worry.
We are holding a larger than normal supply of taxis in the domestic garage, to ensure no customer disruption.
Thank you for your patience as we attempt to work around this internet outage.